iPhone 3G LCD Screen Basics

posted Nov 23, 2010, 1:46 AM by iPhone Repairs Specialist Sydney
Owners of the iPhone may wonder what type of technology is utilized to make the screen so attractive and bright. Many people do not know, but it is the 3G LCD screen which in part, makes it  superior to its competitors. The iPhone 3G LCD screen helps photos taken on the phone as well as videos, appear bright and clear. LED(LCD) is an accronym for light emitting diode. This advanced technology is one of the secrets behind the phone's popularity and success. 

The colors and graphics on the iPhone are extremely sharp. It is almost as if the phone's owner is viewing photos and vidoes on a LCD computer screen or television. The iPhone 3G LCD technology is one of  the phone's key component. It is also one of the primary reasons its stands out from its competitors. Few other phones showcase as impressive graphics as the iPhone does. 

The iPhone 3G LCD screen woud be sorely missed if it was not integrated into the iPhone. Unfortunately, this screen is sometimes broken or damaged and rendered useless. Cracked iPhone screens are pretty common. They often occur after someone has dropped the phone. Sometimes, they an be repaired but not always. In many instances, it is necessary to send it back to the manufacturer in order to have it fixed. If they are unable to repair it, the iPhone owner may need to purchase a new one. This obviously is not the preferred option due to the expense but sometimes it is the nessary one. 

One of the very best things about the iPhone is the iPhone 3G LCD screen. It is the phone's control center. However, not only does it have a functional use but the its aesthetic appeal is outstanding. Typing, graphics, picturs and video show up in great color and detail on the screen. It is the perfect mobile phone to play games on, view pictures, movies and videos.