iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales stopped in China because it's not so 'Original'

posted Nov 7, 2016, 8:10 PM by iPhone Repairs Specialist Sydney

Effective immediately, Apple is issued an order to stop selling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China.

Why does it has to stop its iPhone 6 sales?

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus looked like a Chinese competitor's design. This ended up as if Apple copied the Chinese brand and made itself a huge lawsuit on the same country that sells the alleged original smartphone design.

The smartphone in question is the 100C, a device made by Shenzhen Beili. This seems like a very close resemblance to the iPhone 6's design. However, Apple lost and for the meantime ordered to stop its smartphone sales in the world's largest market.

Apple makes an appeal

Apple is not having any of this and sales will continue for the time being since the administrative order is still remaining as just an appeal. It was issued last May 2016 and was reported just recently.

Stocks went down for Apple

Shares for Apple plummeted by 2.3% right after the news surfaced according to Sky News. For a company that is trying to regain dominance over the smartphone business around the world, this is not really a good sign. The iPhone 6 was the best Apple could offer to the consumers with its new design.

More setbacks

Apple has been having a rough time in the Chinese market with the suspension of the iTunes movie service last April. China is it's second biggest global market and obviously the biggest stumbling block for the Curpertino-based tech giant.

Competition from the rising Chinese companies like Huawei and Xiaomi is also a thing to consider if Apple is to sell its future devices like the iPhone 7.

In May, Apple suffered another setback when a court ruled that a Chinese company is allowed to use the iPhone trademark on bags, wallets and other leather goods.

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